FALL-RUN CHINOOK 09/15/16 - Nestucca River - Fall-run chinook are in!  Fish have been showing in the boat ramp hole, up to, and above Wood's Bridge in tidewater.  The low tides have been concentrating them in these areas, and some really nice size kings have been caught.  I have seen a couple of kings over 30 lbs. and I have talked to a friend that caught a 40 lber. (but not on flies!).  Top photo on left is of David and Dennis with some beautiful kings up to 28 lbs.  These chromers grabbed Rainbow Clousers earlier today.  Top photo on right is of Leonard Wolff, with an assist from Walter, holding an 18 lber. that took his Salmon Killer Fly yesterday morning.   Second down photo on right is of an 20 lber. that was caught by Dr. Lewis Leavitt the day before yesterday morning, on a Ramone Salmon Killer Fly.  The fourth down photo on right is of a large 30 lb. king that was caught a week ago on a flourescent red wooly worm fly, by Andrew Silkwood, - with a seal deterrent assist from Natasha Helsing.  The second and third down, left side photos are of Stephen Vaughan (top) and Reed Rice, who landed these chromers six days ago.  They went out the next day and caught another.  The kings have been a mixture of hatchery fish and wild fish.

Clousers are always a good fly to try, as are a wide variety of comet style flies.  Fall-run chinook will take flies that are swum, swung, and retrieved.  It usually all depends on the speed of the tidal movement, whether it's coming in or going out, and matching your fly lines to get to the depth required.

TROUT - Expect a plant of trophy rainbows sometime next week in the Town Lake.  

Sea-run cutts are also in tidewater and if you're in the right area at the right time, you have a good chance of getting some action.   

SUMMER STEELHEAD - Nestucca River - 09/14/16  The water's low, but the steelhead are still in there to be caught, even though the run has dropped off!  Fish are spread out through the system - and a few are being caught on strike indicators set ups, swung flies, and high stick nymphed flies, and beads.  Best bites come early in the morning, just as it's getting light.  There are summers holding from all the way from the upstream boundry at Elk Creek, down to Cloverdale, but it's tough fishing!  For those who stay at it, and are knowledable, and quick learners, the chances will go up for some hookups on some of these hot fish!  The summers are mostly on the bigger size this year, running from 6 to 10 lbs.

The fourth down photos on left is of Andrew Silkwood with spring-run chinook caught last May. 

                           The lower photos are of fly caught fall-run chinooks this last fall 2015. 




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Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project:

                             PACIFIC CITY DORY BOAT & DRIFT BOAT TRIPS

   The Pacific City area is one of the best fly fishing locations in the United States.  This area has rivers, lakes, and the nearby ocean.  These waters all have excellent fishing during their seasons.

    We will start running ocean dory fly fishing trips for the summer in May, weather and surf permitting, for a variety of rockfish, and salmon when in season.  These trips will be fun for both advanced fly fishers and beginners.  Please try to email to book trips on the dory at least a month in advance to try and insure you will get a date.  The calendar is filling up, so get your reservation in as early as possible. 

    The dory is limited to four anglers max. (we prefer two to three) and we supply all the needed fly fishing equipment for the trip, - but you are welcome to bring your own fly tackle if you'd like.  

    Drift boat trips for salmon, steelhead, and trout, are usually run during the fall, winter, and spring time, and these all depend on weather, water conditions, and fish runs and numbers.   

    We work very hard to make all our trips both enjoyable and productive.