TROUT - 09/29/19 - The Town Lake was planted with Trophy Trout last week.

The old standby of a size 12 Bead Head Hare's Ear Nymph in brown or black color, fished below a small strike indicator - with a 2 lb. test tippet, is always a good rig.  A size 8 Bead Head Wooly Bugger fished on a sinking line with 4 lb. test tippet is also a great rig!    

    Hebo Lake is worth a look this month as it's sometimes planted secretly!

FALL-RUN CHINOOK -  09/29/19 - Are  showing pretty good in tidewater now and some good catches of both wild and hatchery chinooks have been made.   

These salmon have been grabbing Clousers and  some on Comets.

See upper right photo of  Rob Perkins holding a nice 12 lber. Springer that took a fly back in June and Ken in the upper left photo holding a 19lb. Springer that also took a Clouser.  The Springer run was much smaller than expected, and they're also on the smaller size this year.  

Rob was the "high stick" fly fisherman this year with the first fly caught springer, and the most brought to net. 


Sea-run Cutthroat Trout -09/29/19  There are still a few of these beautiful fish being caught in the estuaries and bigger pools of a few of the smaller rivers and creeks.  A lot of scouting is necessary to find where they're at - look for their rises, use a floating or intermediate sink line and just about any standard cutthroat fly will get some takes.  I did see a photo of another nice 18 incher taken last week. 

UPPER AREA PHOTOS ON LEFT & RIGHT - Are of some of the Fall-run chinooks we caught this last fall. 

    The lower photos are of some of the Spring-run and Fall-run chinook caught the last couple of years on our trips.   


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                             PACIFIC CITY DORY BOAT & DRIFT BOAT TRIPS

   The Pacific City area is one of the best fly fishing locations in the United States.  This area has rivers, lakes, and the nearby ocean.  These waters all have excellent fishing during their seasons.

    Dory Trips are winding down for the 2019 season!  Rockfish and salmon were the main species caught this last season.  These trips are fun for both advanced fly fishers and beginners.  Please try to email to book trips on the dory at least a month in advance, for last year, to try and insure you will get a date.  The calendar will be filling up quick, so get your reservation in as early as possible. 

    The dory is limited to four anglers max., with a minimum of two, and we supply all the needed fly fishing equipment for the trip, - but you are welcome to bring your own fly tackle if you'd like.  we clean all your fish and cook all your crab.  We also supply ice to get your catch home fresh and tasty!  

    Drift boat trips for salmon are currently under way for the fall season in tidewater.  These trips all depend on weather, water conditions, and fish runs.   

    We work very hard to make all our trips both enjoyable and productive.