The Pacific City area is one of the best fly fishing locations in the United States.  This area has rivers, lakes, and the nearby ocean.  These waters all have excellent fishing during their seasons.

    Dory Trips are done for the 2019 season!  Rockfish and salmon were the main species caught this last season.  These trips are fun for both advanced fly fishers and beginners.  

Please try to email to book trips for the 2020 season, at least a month in advance, to try and insure you will get a date.  The calendar will be filling up quickly, so get your reservation in as early as possible. 

    The dory is limited to four anglers max., with a minimum of two, and we supply all the needed fly fishing equipment for the trip, - but you are welcome to bring your own fly tackle if you'd like.  We clean all your fish and cook all your crab.  We also supply ice to get your catch home fresh and tasty and bring at least a medium size cooler per angler!  

    Drift boat trips for steelhead are currently on hold, due to the small runs of these fish!

These trips all depend on weather, water conditions, and fish runs.   

    We work very hard to make all our trips both enjoyable and productive.





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Nestucca Anglers

Tillamook Anglers

Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project:


TOWN LAKE TROUT - 06/24/20 - The Town Lake and Hebo Lake are pretty much done for done for the year as the water warms and fish planting stops!

SPRING-RUN CHINOOK -  06/24/20 - There are still a few Spring-run Chinook showing on and off, but the high river water keeps moving them upstream!  The springers have made it clear up to at least the town of Beaver and are up into Three Rivers to the hatchery!  Hopefully there'll be enough for a successful egg take this year. 

A dozen or so fly fishers, put in 100's of hours pursuing these fish in the estuary, and I know of about a dozen springers being caught.

The top two photos on right side are of Fall-run Chinooks that were caught in September.

The second down photo on the right is of a nice size hen chinook that Adrienne donated to Cedar Creek Hatchery for their Nestucca Anglers Brood Stock Program last September.  This fish helped the hatchery reach their goal of over taking over 100,000 Fall-run chinook eggs. 

​The top two photos on the left side are of Fall-run Chinook that were caught last December.

These salmon took mostly Clouser flies, but we caught a few on Comet flies.

SUMMER-RUN STEELHEAD -06/24/20 -Reports are, that a few Summer-run steelhead have been caught!   The main run of these early steelhead should be here, but I'm not seeing the numbers so far!  This season, having to deal with the COVID-19 and the rain, has turned out to be one of the least productive I've seen in over 20 years.  What's the old saying?  It can't get any worse, - so it can only get better!   


These lower photos are of some of the fall-run and spring-run Chinook Salmon that were caught over the last  few years in the Nestucca River and Tillamook Bay streams, all while fly fishing.